Hemophilus influenzae Protocols

Hemophilus influenzae Protocols

Edition:1 edition

Author(s) :Mark A. Herbert, Derek W. Hood, E. Richard Moxon

Year :2002

ISBN :9780896039285, 9781592593217, 0896039285

Pages :315\315

Language :English

Extension :PDF

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In HaemophilusiInfluenzae Protocols, leading research scientists and infectious disease specialists detail in a readily reproducible format the major molecular and immunological techniques for exploring the pathogenicity of H. influenzae. Described with step-by-instructions to ensure robust and successful experimental results, the techniques cover plasmid analysis, proteomics, genomics, DNA array technology, gene expression, mutagenesis (transposon and nontransposon), and structural analysis. These methods illuminate how the bacterium causes disease, as well as how best to develop novel vaccines and antibiotics against the organism.

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