Large-Scale Biomedical Science: Exploring Strategies for Future Research

Large-Scale Biomedical Science: Exploring Strategies for Future Research

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Author(s) :Committee on Large-Scale Science and Cancer Research, National Research Council, Sharyl J. Nass, Bru

Year :2003

ISBN :9780309089128, 0-309-08912-3

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The nature of biomedical research has been evolving in recent years. Technological advances that make it easier to study the vast complexity of biological systems have led to the initiation of projects with a larger scale and scope. In many cases, these large-scale analyses may be the most efficient and effective way to extract functional information from complex biological systems.Large-Scale Biomedical Science: Exploring Strategies for Research looks at the role of these new large-scale projects in the biomedical sciences. Though written by the National Academies Cancer Policy Board, this book addresses implications of large-scale science extending far beyond cancer research. It also identifies obstacles to the implementation of these projects, and makes recommendations to improve the process. The ultimate goal of biomedical research is to advance knowledge and provide useful innovations to society. Determining the best and most efficient method for accomplishing that goal, however, is a continuing and evolving challenge. The recommendations presented in Large-Scale Biomedical Science are intended to facilitate a more open, inclusive, and accountable approach to large-scale biomedical research, which in turn will maximize progress in understanding and controlling human disease. Table of contents : Frontmatter......Page 1 Acronyms......Page 9 Contents......Page 13 Executive Summary......Page 17 1 Introduction......Page 28 2 Defining “Large-Scale Science” in Biomedical Research......Page 33 3 Models of Large-Scale Science......Page 45 4 Funding for Large-Scale Science......Page 96 5 Organization and Management of Large-Scale Biomedical Research Projects......Page 146 6 Training and Career Structures in Biomedical Research......Page 156 7 Intellectual Property and Access to Research Tools and Data......Page 178 8 Findings and Recommendations......Page 208 References......Page 218 Appendix: A History of Government Funding of Basic Science Research and the Development of Big-Science Projects in the Context of High-Energy Particle Physics......Page 229 Index......Page 285

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