Adenovirus Methods and Protocols

Adenovirus Methods and Protocols

Edition:1 edition

Author(s) :William S. M. Wold

Year :1999

ISBN :9780896035515, 0896035514

Pages :340\340

Language :English

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A cutting-edge collection of readily reproducible methods for conducting research with adenoviruses, the premier and most widely used model in cell and molecular biology. The methods range from how to grow and titer adenoviruses and how to construct specific alterations in the adenovirus genome, to how to measure apoptosis induced by cells of the immune system, cytokines, and intrinsic apoptosis effectors. In addition, there are methods to study transcription and splicing with in vitro systems and for the adenovirus-mediated transformation of cells to a malignant state. Each method is written by a prominent investigator well-versed in the technique and includes a brief background discussion and tried, as well as true step-by-step instructions.

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