Energy Transitions in Japan and China: Mine Closures, Rail Developments, and Energy Narratives

Energy Transitions in Japan and China: Mine Closures, Rail Developments, and Energy Narratives


Author(s) :Tai Wei Lim (auth.)

Year :2017

ISBN :9789811016806, 9789811016813

Pages :XI, 242[24

Language :English

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This volume focuses on the topic of energy transitions in the coal mining industries of China and Japan by adopting a Sino-Japanese comparative approach in area studies to examine the experiences between the two major East Asian economies. In China, rapid industrialization led to dramatic growth in energy demand and much of this energy demand was fueled by affordable coal energy. With growing social concerns about the environment and an increasingly vocal middle class in contemporary China, the authorities and state-owned enterprises are studying the use of coal fuels for its future development. In Japan, coal was also an affordable main source of energy for Japan’s early post-war heavy industrialization until it was gradually replaced by oil in the 1960s. The oil shocks of the 1970s compelled Japan to look for cleaner and cheaper fuels, including nuclear power. In these energy transitions from coal to oil and then onto non-fossil fuels, the story of coal power in both countries is highlighted in this publication as a comparative study. This volume is a crucial contribution to the discussion of China's energy reforms, and required reading for scholars of climate change and society. Table of contents : Front Matter....Pages i-xi Front Matter....Pages 1-1 Coal Energy in Japan and China: Mine Closures, Rail Developments and Post-311 Energy Narratives....Pages 3-12 Connecting Macro-Regions in the 1930s to the 1960s: A Comparative Historical Survey of the Role of Railway Technology in Coal Delivery in Japan and Northeast China....Pages 13-48 A Survey of Modern and Contemporary China’s Coal Railway Development....Pages 49-76 The Historical Development of Shanxi’s Coal Industry as a Case Study....Pages 77-97 Coal Use and Transportation in Contemporary China....Pages 99-127 Front Matter....Pages 129-129 Coal Delivery in Japan....Pages 131-142 The Final Coal Mine Closures in Japan: A Historical Overview Utilizing the Conceptual Perspective of Mine Closure Policy Implementation Studies....Pages 143-164 Historical Background of the Japanese Coal Industry Decline....Pages 165-201 Natural Gas or Clean Coal in the Post-311 Scenario? A Narrative Analysis, Historical Overview and Selected Public Policy Commentary of Japan and Other Comparative Case Studies....Pages 203-236 Front Matter....Pages 237-237 Epilogue....Pages 239-240 Back Matter....Pages 241-242

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