Ethics and Policies for Cyber Operations: A NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence Init

Ethics and Policies for Cyber Operations: A NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence Init


Author(s) :Mariarosaria Taddeo, Ludovica Glorioso (eds.)

Year :2017

ISBN :9783319452999, 9783319453002

Pages :XVII, 252[

Language :English

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This book presents 12 essays that focus on the analysis of the problems prompted by cyber operations (COs). It clarifies and discusses the ethical and regulatory problems raised by the deployment of cyber capabilities by a state’s army to inflict disruption or damage to an adversary’s targets in or through cyberspace. Written by world-leading philosophers, ethicists, policy-makers, and law and military experts, the essays cover such topics as the conceptual novelty of COs and the ethical problems that this engenders; the applicability of existing conceptual and regulatory frameworks to COs deployed in case of conflicts; the definition of deterrence strategies involving COs; and the analysis of models to foster cooperation in managing cyber crises. Each essay is an invited contribution or a revised version of a paper originally presented at the workshop on Ethics and Policies for Cyber Warfare, organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in collaboration with the University of Oxford. The volume endorses a multi-disciplinary approach, as such it offers a comprehensive overview of the ethical, legal, and policy problems posed by COs and of the different approaches and methods that can be used to solve them. It will appeal to a wide readership, including ethicists, philosophers, military experts, strategy planners, and law- and policy-makers. Table of contents : Front Matter....Pages i-xvii Deterrence and the Ethics of Cyber Conflict....Pages 1-16 Blind Justice? The Role of Distinction in Electronic Attacks....Pages 17-32 Challenges of Civilian Distinction in Cyberwarfare....Pages 33-48 Towards a Richer Account of Cyberharm: The Value of Self-Determination in the Context of Cyberwarfare....Pages 49-66 Just Information Warfare....Pages 67-86 Regulating Cyber Operations Through International Law: In, Out or Against the Box?....Pages 87-98 Military Objectives in Cyber Warfare....Pages 99-114 Defining Cybersecurity Due Diligence Under International Law: Lessons from the Private Sector....Pages 115-137 Cyber Warfare and Organised Crime. A Regulatory Model and Meta-Model for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)....Pages 139-167 A Model to Facilitate Discussions About Cyber Attacks....Pages 169-185 Strategies of Cyber Crisis Management: Lessons from the Approaches of Estonia and the United Kingdom....Pages 187-212 Lessons from Stuxnet and the Realm of Cyber and Nuclear Security: Implications for Ethics in Cyber Warfare....Pages 213-229 NATO CCD COE Workshop on ‘Ethics and Policies for Cyber Warfare’ – A Report....Pages 231-241 Back Matter....Pages 243-252

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