Statistical modeling for biomedical researchers

Statistical modeling for biomedical researchers

Edition:1 edition

Author(s) :William D. Dupont

Year :2003

ISBN :9780521655781, 9780521820615, 0521655781, 0521820618, 9780511061745

Pages :405\405

Language :English

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This text enables biomedical researchers to use a number of advanced statistical methods that have proven valuable in medical research, and uses a statistical software package (Stata® ) to avoid mathematics beyond the high school level. Intended for people who have had an introductory course in biostatistics, the volume emphasizes the assumptions underlying each method, using exploratory techniques to determine the most appropriate method. It presents results in a way that will be readily understood by clinical colleagues. Numerous real examples from medical literature and graphical methods are used to illustrate these techniques.

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