Septic Shock: Methods and Protocols

Septic Shock: Methods and Protocols

Edition:1 edition

Author(s) :Thomas J. Evans

Year :2000

ISBN :9780585355665, 9780896037304, 0896037304

Pages :189\189

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An interdisciplinary panel of expert investigators describe proven methods for investigating the often deadly mechanisms of septic shock. Drawing on insights from a wide variety of fields-ranging from molecular and cellular biology to the physiological measurement of entire animals-these experienced research workers detail the most important techniques for studying sepsis involving endotoxins, toxins derived from Gram-positive organisms, cytokines, nitric oxide and other reactive nitrogen intermediates, and primary cell cultures. They also treat a number of significant techniques that are not well described in the literature, including the the Limulus endotoxin assay, the bioassay of TNF, the purification of bacterial endotoxin and superantigens, and the culture of primary human cells. Multidisciplinary and state-of-the-art, Septic Shock Methods and Protocols offers both experimental and clinical investigators a gold-standard collection of key methods for illuminating the basic pathophysiological processes that occur following infection.

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