EMTALA Answer Book: 2017 Edition

EMTALA Answer Book: 2017 Edition

版本:1 edition

作者 : Jeffrey C. Moffat (Author)

年份 :2017

编号 :145487211X 978-1454872115

总页数 :536 pages

语言 :English

文件类型 :PDF

大小 :47981 KB

简介 :

The 2017 Edition of The EMTALA Answer Book shows how the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) affects not only emergency physicians but on-call physicians, specialists, and hospitals. And it shows how the feds have stepped up enforcement against EMTALA violations. But most importantly, The EMTALA Answer Book shows you how to meet these medical duties, stave off these legal threats, and avoid fines, bad publicity, and exclusion from Medicare. Some of the questions that The EMTALA Answer Book addresses include: Does HIPAA affect a hospital's EMTALA obligations? Must a receiving hospital with specialized capabilities accept an EMTALA patient who had been admitted as an inpatient at another hospital? Can a physician be on call at more than one facility simultaneously? Are community call plans allowed by EMTALA? Can a hospital compensate on-call physicians specifically for treating patients who are indigent or uninsured? And many more!






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