Payroll Accounting 2017

Payroll Accounting 2017

Edition:3 edition

Author(s) : Jeanette Landin (Author)

Year :2016

ISBN :1259572188 978-1259572180

Pages :432 pages

Language :English

Extension :PDF

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Payroll Accounting is designed to fit the needs of terms as short as three weeks and as long as 15 weeks. The instructor may choose to assign the exercise sets found at the end of each chapter, the Continuing Payroll Project in each chapter, or the Comprehensive Project that encompasses an entire quarter of payroll accounting. The authors designed the content to give instructors flexibility in their curriculum design by offering many options for formative and summative assessment. The content of Payroll Accounting is rich in its detail, yet readily understandable by students who may have little or no prior accounting information. We’ve provided materials that allow readers to learn about payroll within the context of their own state’s legal framework and links (in Appendix F) to each state’s revenue department to facilitate specific learning.

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