Head and Neck Imaging: Case Review Series 4th Edition

Head and Neck Imaging: Case Review Series 4th Edition

Edition:4th Edition

Author(s) : David M. Yousem (Author)

Year :2014

ISBN :9781455776290,1455776297

Pages :547 pages

Language :English

Extension :PDF

Size :35191 KB

Summary :

Incorporate today's most advanced imaging techniques with the new 4th edition of Head and Neck Imaging! A bestselling volume in the popular Case Review Series, this updated reference helps speed your differential diagnoses and ensure your proficiency, in addition to serving as a study guide for general radiology and neuroradiology subspecialty examinations, certificates of added qualification, and radiology/neuroradiology recertification. The all-inclusive volume can serve as a comprehensive review of the subspecialty and as a primer for excelling at the Head and Neck Tumor Boards.

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