Children and young people's response to parental illness: a handbook of assessment and practice

Children and young people's response to parental illness: a handbook of assessment and practice


Author(s) :Jenkinson, Crispin; Li, Xiaoming; Morley, David

Year :2017

ISBN :9781785230073, 1785230077, 9781315380735, 1315380730

Pages :253

Language :English

Extension :epub

Size :1 Mb (1319496)

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Assessment of the impact of parental illness has gathered significant momentum over recent years. This book provides an up-to-date guide, for a variety of professionals, on how a range of conditions might impact upon children and young people. Each chapter provides an overview of current literature, an evaluation of relevant interventions, an ‘in practice’ section that provides guidance for readers in terms of best practice, and future research directions. Although the primary focus of the book is directed at children’s and young people’s response to their parent’s condition, the challenges of parenting are also frequently highlighted. Additionally, the text provides an overview of measurement issues when investigating children’s and young people’s response to parental illness. Table of contents : Content: Children's and young people's response to parental illness : introduction and overview / David Morley & Crispin Jenkinson -- Parental multiple sclerosis / Kenneth Pakenham -- Parental Parkinson's disease / David Morley & Elaine Book -- Parental acquired brain injury / Rikke Kieffer-Kristensen -- Parental depression / Emily Crain & Tracy Gladstone -- Parental alcoholism / Peggy Keller, Lauren Gilbert, Eric Haak & Shuang Bi -- Parental cancer / Cynthia Moore & Paula Rauch -- Parental HIV/AIDS : from psychopathology to resilience / Peilian Chi & Xiaoming Li -- Under-investigated parental conditions : an overview / Laura Kelly & David Morley -- Disclosure of parental illness to children : examples from HIV/AIDS / Shan Qiao & Xiaoming Li -- A family-centred approach to parental illness / Dominik Sieh & Anne Visser-Meily -- Measuring the impact of parental illness / Laura Kelly, Crispin Jenkinson & David Morley.

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