A Guide to Systems Research: Philosophy, Processes and Practice

A Guide to Systems Research: Philosophy, Processes and Practice


Author(s) :Mary C. Edson, Pamela Buckle Henning, Shankar Sankaran (eds.)

Year :2017

ISBN :9789811002625, 9789811002632

Pages :XV, 244[25

Language :English

Extension :pdf

Size :5 Mb (5431500)

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This guide is designed for systems researchers – emerging and seasoned – searching for holistic approaches of inquiry into complexity, which the Systems Sciences provide. The authors share insight into the foundations of research that are not only systematic in terms of rigor, but systemic in perspective, analysis, design, development, implementation, reporting, and evaluation. This guide also explores researcher competencies necessary to conduct sound systems research. Researchers using this guide will gain understanding of what distinguishes systems research from other types of research and why it is important in research today. Table of contents : Front Matter....Pages i-xv Philosophical Foundations of Systems Research....Pages 1-19 Systems Research Framework....Pages 21-57 Problem Structuring and Research Design in Systemic Inquiry....Pages 59-80 Modeling and Simulation....Pages 81-109 Taking Action Using Systems Research....Pages 111-142 Systems Research Reporting....Pages 143-175 Competencies Necessary for Systems Research....Pages 177-198 Evaluating the Impact of Systems Research....Pages 199-234 Back Matter....Pages 235-244

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